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Code Variety/description Remarks Named Location Orgin
Sarracenia alata
AL03 Red lid Bulbous upper pitcher, strong tall pitchers   (Dirk Ventham), (Mike King A1), Rogier van Loenen AL06, March 2005
AL06 Black tube, pubescent Stocky, pubescent Desoto State Forest Park, Mississippi (Mike King A28), Rogier van Loenen AL07, March 2006
AL07 Black tube   Desoto State Forest Park, Mississippi, W Mike King A27, April 2006
AL08 Black tube Very tall form   (Gert Hoogenstrijd), Keith Wilson SA7c, April 2006
AL10 Red upper pitcher   Desoto State Forest Park, Mississippi, W Dennis Balsdon, March 2008
AL13 Red lid Heavily veined Perry County Dennis Balsdon, March 2008
AL14 Red lid     (Stephen Locke), Aidan Selwyn SA01, March 2009
AL15 Red lid Bulbous, heavy veined Stone County, Mississippi (Palmengarten Frankfurt), Christian Klein, February 2010
AL16 Red tube and lid Very tall pitchers Stone County, Mississippi, WS (Mike King A46), Rogier van Loenen AL09, December 2010
AL17 Black tube, pubescent Very dark and tall clone Desoto State Forest  Park, Mississippi Christian Klein, February 2011
AL18     Angelina County, Texas (Mike King A62), Jens Schaffmeister, June 2011
Sarracenia flava var. flava
FL01 CV ‘maxima’ Slacks clone     Bill Sherren, February 2005
FL02   Tall (90-100cm)   Gert Hoogenstrijd, 2002
FL25 ‘Rood’ Tall slender green pitchers with red veins   (Rens Bonouvrie), Remi Wooninck, May 2005
FL53   Very large form North Carolina (Mike King F32), Jon Jackson, December 2005 Auction 186 cpuk
FL56   Tall (80-90cm), lightly veined   (Hans Luhrs), Rogier van Loenen FL11, March 2006
FL62     Shand`s Bog, Virginia, WA (J Ainsworth), Mike King F4a, April 2006
FL78     Dinwiddie, Virginia, W (J Ainsworth F10), (Mike King F6), Rogier van Loenen SH38, January 2007
FL95   Giant Alastair Culham, Reading University (Mike King F188), Rogier van Loenen FL95, April 2009
FL111   Red lip Apalachicola National Forest, Wakulla Co., Florida (Best Carnivorous Plants S7c), Keith Wilson SFF18, June 2009
FL120 "Goldie"     (PJ Plants), Andrea Fontana, January 2011
FL131   Red lip & throat, finely veined   Aidan Selwyn ipF19, March 2015
Sarracenia flava var. maxima
FL23       Christian Dietz F22, April 2005
FL57   Tall yellowish/green pitchers   (Bert Blezer), Rogier van Loenen FL17, March 2006
FL58   Green form, tall (3 ft)   (Mike King F3), Rogier van Loenen FL41, March 2006
FL122     Honeysuckle Road, Harleyville, Dorchester Co., South Carolina, # 2, WS (Phil Wilson), Stefan Lenssen F13, April 2011
FL130 "Suspicion"     Gary Wheeler, February 2015
Sarracenia flava var. cuprea
FL10 Coppertop Tall form, veined   (Hans Luhrs), Rogier van Loenen FL15, March 2005
FL44 Coppertop Selfed CV Maxima, same shape, veining as CV Maxima, but cuprea   (Mike King F109), Rogier van Loenen FL72, August 2005
FL63 Coppertop   Green Swamp, North Carolina, W (J. Ainsworth F7), Mike King F8, April 2006
FL70 Coppertop   North Carolina (Dave Richardson), Mike King F10), June 2006
FL81 Coppertop Potterton & Martin clone   (Steve Morley), Mike King F125, March 2007
FL83 Coppertop Lid turns red   Mirek Srba, August 2007
FL91 Coppertop copper / bronze lid N. Carolina Tim Bailey F3, March 2009
FL103 Coppertop Red lidded   Mike King F62, April 2010
FL110 Coppertop Coppertop #2   (Christian Klein), Stefan Lenssen F41, November 2010
FL112 Coppertop   North Carolina, W (J. Ainsworth F6), (A. Fawcett), (Mike King F90), Rogier van Loenen FL50, December 2010
FL123 Coppertop   Old Dock, Columbus Co., North Carolina (Alan Hindle), Stefan Lenssen F67, April 2011
Sarracenia flava var. ornata
FL21   Solid red throat with diffused veins around neck Apalachicola nat. Forest; Liberty Co. Florida (Pwilson F67), (Mike King F88), (Rbeggs SF5), Rogier van Loenen FL57, March 2005
FL29   Gulf coast, heavy veins Apalachicola, Florida Mike King F35, July 2005
FL38   Heavy veined   (Phil Wilson F38), Rogier van Loenen FL09), August 2005
FL39   Stocky, large lid, medium veins Apalachicola, W (Phil Wilson), (Mike King F46), Rogier van Loenen FL58), August 2005
FL64   Very fine heavy veins Green Swamp, North Carolina, W Mike King F33, April 2006
FL69     Sandy Bottom Creek rd, Florida? (Plantarara), (Jan Visee), Rogier van Loenen, May 2006
FL86   Dipping lid, Cooks carnivorous plants   Mike King F87, Rogier van Loenen FL46, March 2009
FL92   Heavily veined, Giant Apalachicola Tim Bailey F12, March 2009
FL93   Red Throat Wewahitchka, Florida Phil Wilson F36, Marco Piccolo, March 2009
FL96   Heavy veins, large lid Wewahitchka, Florida, W (J. Ainsworth F82), (Mike King F95), Rogier van Loenen FL69, April 2009
FL99   Wavy lid, reddens to red tube   (Mike Brooks), Jens Schaffmeister, July 2009
FL101   Starts off like var. ornata, but reddens to red tube. Very strong throat patch Wewahitchka, W (J. Ainsworth F99), Mike King F39, April 2010
FL102 var. ornata/rubricorpora integrade   Wewahitchka, Clone 1, W Mike King F56, April 2010
FL106 var. ornata/var. rugelii intergrade Pitchers can be 12 cm wide Geneva Botanical Gardens  (Andrea Amivi), Mike King F199, April 2010
FL107   Gulf coast, heavy veins Apalachicola, W Mike King F36, April 2010
Sarracenia flava var. rugelii
FL15   Giant robust clone, huge pitchers with large pitcher opening and prominent throat marking   (Paul McKeown), (Mike King F18), Rogier van Loenen FL62, March 2005
FL31   Mike King clone 6 Milton Mike King F53, July 2005
FL42   Copper tinged in early growth Milton, W (J Ainsworth F63), (Mike King F17), August 2005
FL59   Giant form Apalachicola, W (J Ainsworth F16), (Mike King F14), Rogier van Loenen FL35, March 2006
FL74     Apalachicola, WS (Alan Hindle), (Mike King F100), Mike King open day, June 2006
FL77   Robust pitchers with large lid and prominent throat marking   Ronny Heirbaut, November 2006
FL87   Very large form Telogia, Florida, (WS) Mike King F140B, March 2009
FL88   Heavy veins Allanton, Bay Co., Florida Suzy Jenner, Marco Piccolo, March 2009
FL98   Giant pitcher opening and lid Reading University, Alastair Culham (Mike King F143), Rogier van Loenen FL33, April 2009
FL114     Marston Exotics (Mike King F92), Rogier van Loenen FL77, December 2010
FL126   Very large form Milton, Florida, W. Pat Barnes (Matthew Soper F36), Mike King F59, March 2012 
Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora
FL17     Apalachicola Dennis Balsdon, January 2005
FL18   Intense red colour, tall   Carniflora, May 2004
FL19 Red tube Intense red colour Blackwater State Forest, Florida Dennis Balsdon, January 2005
FL28 Giant red tube rugelii style throat patch Apalachicola, W (Mike King F22), Rogier van Loenen FL66, July 2005
FL32 Giant red tube   Apalachicola, W (Paul McKeown F39B), (Mike King F111), Rogier van Loenen FL67, July 2005
FL33 Don Schnell     (J Ainsworth), Mike King F124, July 2005
FL34 CV ‘Burgundy’ Red tube, Adrian Slack   Mike King F26, July 2005
FL45 Red tube WS (Mark Dunsford) ICPS seedbank   (Mike King F118), Rogier van Loenen FL25, August 2005
FL46 Giant red tube   Apalachicola, W, Ex Dave Richardson (Mike King F24), Rogier van Loenen FL19, August 2005
FL48 Red tube   Apalachicola, W (J Ainsworth F58), (Mike King F161), (Rogier van Loenen FL55), Lowie Geers, August 2005
FL51 CV ‘Claret’ Red tube, Adrian Slack   (Matthew Soper), (Mike King F25), Rogier van Loenen FL80, August 2005
FL66 Red tube Large lid, Very dark Liberty Co. Florida Mike King F30, April 2006
FL80 Giant red tube   Apalachicola, W (Mike King F112), Rogier van Loenen FL22, April 2009
FL82   Dave Richardson, purple/maroon tube   Mike King F126, March 2007
FL85 Red tube Stocky   Danny Nijhuis, March 2008
FL89     Apalachicola National Forest, Florida Alan Hindle or Stephen Locke, Aidan Selwyn SF66, March 2009
FL90   ex. Potterton & Martin   Stephen Locke, Aidan Selwyn SF74, March 2009
FL97   Very broad venation on inside of lid Marston Exotics (Mike King F55), Rogier van Loenen FL91, April 2009
FL100   RCP1, Gets completely red   Christian Klein, February 2010
FL105     Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest, Fla, WS Mike King F167A, April 2010
FL108   Very large, with throat patch Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest, Liberty Co., Florida Stefan Lenssen F5, November 2010
FL109 Giant red tube   Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest, Liberty Co., Florida Stefan Lenssen F50, November 2010
FL113 Giant red tube   W (Matthew Soper), (Mike King F66), Jens Schaffmeister, 2007
FL115 Giant red tube   Apalachicola, W (Alan Hindle CL1), (Mike King F108), Rogier van Loenen FL93, December 2010
FL116 Purple tube   Nr Holley, N. Florida, W (Alan Hindle), (Mike King F57), Rogier van Loenen FL94, December 2010
FL117   Deep Maroon/purple Sandy Creek rd. Florida (Phil Wilson F42), Rogier van Loenen FL104, December 2010
FL118 Giant red tube   Apalachicola N.F. (Mike King F77), Rogier van Loenen FL111, December 2010
FL119 Purple tube Very dark, especially in throat Milton, WS (Mike King F45), Rogier van Loenen FL78, December 2010
FL121   RCPI C. Klein   Christian Klein, February 2011
FL124   Clone 1   (Alan Hindle), Stefan Lenssen F31, April 2011
FL125   Clone 2   (Alan Hindle), Stefan Lenssen F33, April 2011
FL127 Giant red tube Nearly 1 meter Thomas Carrow (Christian Klein), Rogier van Loenen FL123, March 2012
FL128 "Manky" Red tube, pure green lid   (Mike King F70), Stefan Lenssen F94, March 2013
FL129 Red tube Very large, without thoat-patch Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest, Liberty Co., Florida Stefan Lenssen F104, March 2013
Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea
FL24 All red Potterton & Martin   James Welham, April 2005
FL54 All red   Blackwater State Forest; Florida (Phil Wilson F02), Rogier van Loenen FL10, March 2006
FL60 All red   Blackwater State Forest; Florida (Phil Wilson or Bob Goodman), Rob Tuffs, March 2006
FL67 All red CV “Kimber Red Ruffles”   (Dean Cook), Mike King F195, April 2006
FL68 All red   Blackwater State Forest; Florida (J Ainsworth), Mike King F27C, April 2006
FL76 All red   Blackwater State Forest; Florida (AP), Mike King F27B), June 2006
FL79 All red   Blackwater State Forest; Florida (Phil Wilson F03), (Mike King F27A), Rogier van Loenen FL84, January 2007
FL104 All red   Apalachicola, W Mike King F137, April 2010
Sarracenia leucophylla
LE05 Schnell’s ghost Yellow flower Perdido, Alabama (Phil Wilson L09), Rogier van Loenen LE08, March 2005
LE06 Red & white Large stocky pitcher, red lip, very robust long lasting Autumn pitchers   (Mike King L31), Rogier van Loenen LE26, March 2005
LE07 "Tarnok" Double flower   Mike King L55, Rogier van Loenen LE31, April 2009
LE11 var. alba     (Mike king L9), (Rbeggs SL4), Rogier van Loenen LE34, July 2005
LE12 Green & white, pubescent form   Pat Barnes (Mike King L26), Rogier van Loenen LE29, August 2005
LE14   Yellow flower Citronelle, W (Paul McKeown L10), (Mike King L42), Rogier van Loenen LE10, August 2005
LE16     Avalon Beaches, WS (Phil Wilson), (Mike King L5b), Rogier van Loenen LE06, August 2005
LE18   Tall form, bulbous pitcher mouth   (Carniflora), Rogier van Loenen LE11, August 2005
LE20     Baldwin Co, W (Matthew Soper), Mike King L20A, Aidan Selwyn SL08, March 2009
LE22 Pink lipped Giant   Apalachicola, W (Phil Wilson), Mike King L18), June 2006
LE23   Tall form Baldwin Co, W (Matthew Soper), (Mike King L20C), Rogier van Loenen LE15, January 2007
LE24   Purple & white, giant Autumn pitcher Deer Park, Alabama, W (Mike king L12A), Rogier van Loenen LE23A (earlier LE43), January 2007
LE25 Red form   Deer Park, Alabama, W (Mike King L12B), Rogier van Loenen LE23B (earlier LE23), January 2007
LE26     Santa Rosa County, Blackwater River SF, near Munson, Florida, WS Mirek Srba L032, August 2007
LE27   Tall, 80 cm Washington County, near Tibbie, Alabama. WS Mirek Srba, August 2007
LE28 Red Neck, Dr. König     Stefan Lenssen, February 2008
LE29     Powercut site, Eglin res, Okaloosa, WS Adrian Fawcett (grown from wild seed), March 2008
LE30 “Cronus” or “Titan”     Stefan Lenssen L11, April 2011
LE32 “Helmuts Delight”     Stefan Lenssen, December 2008
LE33   Large spring pitchers, high proportion of white   Stefan Lenssen, December 2008
LE34 Green & white Tall green & white Citronelle; Alabama; W (Phil Wilson), (Mike King L2), Rogier van Loenen LE05, March 2009
LE35   Purple and white giant form Route 71, Nr Altha, North Florida, W (Alan Hindle), (Mike King L19), Rogier van Loenen, March 2009
LE37   Purple and white pitchers, large pink lipped. Walton Cédric Azais SL22, January 2009
LE39       Marco Piccolo seedlings from his red&white plant from Piante Esotiche Marsure (Italian CP nursery), March 2009
LE40   White top c.t. Alabama Tim Bailey L2, March 2009
LE41   Red tube Perdido, Alabama (Phil Wilson L07), (Mike King L49a), Rogier van Loenen LE41a, April 2009
LE42 Green & white   Citronelle, Alabama, W (Mike King L1), Rogier van Loenen LE46, April 2009
LE43 Red & white   Citronelle, Alabama, W (Stewart McPherson), (Mike King L39a), Rogier van Loenen LE45, April 2009
LE44   Large white lid Citronelle, Alabama, W (Phil Wilson L03), Rogier van Loenen LE40, August 2009
LE45   Pink and purple pitchers, vigorous and tall plant   Cedric Azais SL28, January 2010
LE46   Red & white, very large form Mobile County Cedric Azais SL37, January 2010
LE47   Pubescent form Perdido, Alabama, WS David Svarc, March 2010
LE48   Tall form Baldwin Co, W (Matthew Soper), (Mike King L20B), Rogier van Loenen LE15B, March 2010
LE49 Alba #1, red flower     Stefan Lenssen L2, November 2010
LE50 Very white, pink lip   Perdido, Alabama (Phil Wilson L11), Rogier van Loenen LE52, December 2010
LE51 Cook Giant     (Dean Cook), (Mike King L74), Rogier van Loenen LE53, December 2010
LE52     Live Oak creek, Eglin reserve, Florida (WS) (Derek Clavell-Bate 2006), (Mike King L88C), Rogier van Loenen LE59C, December 2010
LE53 Anthocyanin free Seedling of L46A Mking   (Stefan Lenssen), Andrea Fontana, January 2011
LE54   Giant autumn pitchers C. Klein own selection Christian Klein, February 2011
LE55   C. Klein Sl15 Citronelle, Alabama Christian Klein, February 2011
LE56   White top whith fine red veins   Mike King L34, March 2012
LE57 Anthocyanin free Bill Scholl original   (Mike King L46A), Jens Schaffmeister, June 2011
LE58 Giant, Dean Cook     (Dean Cook), (Mike King L77A), Rogier van Loenen LE57A, March 2012
LE59 Anthocyanin free Stocky form   (Mike King L46B), Rogier van Loenen LE16B, January 2013
LE60 "Burgundy" Red & White   (Phil Sheridan), (Mike King L57), Rogier van Loenen LE50, January 2013
LE61 Red & white Viv Topham clone   (Mike King L30), Stefan Lenssen L13, March 2013
LE62 Red & white Giant form, very tall pitchers   Stefan Lenssen L60, March 2013
LE63     Gas Station Site, South West of Perdido, Alabama Jens Schaffmeister, May 2013
LE64 "Bocaza" Red & white, giant form   (Ian Salter), Mike King L87, March 2015
LE65A "Hurricane Creek White"   Hurricane Creek, Alabama (ICPS seedbank), Nélio Freitas clone 7, March 2015
LE65B "Hurricane Creek White"   Hurricane Creek, Alabama (ICPS seedbank), Nélio Freitas clone 10, March 2015
LE66   Pink lip Hosford, Liberty County, Florida Aidan Selwyn ipL17D, March 2015
LE67 Pink tube Selfed "Helmuts Delight"   Seedgrown 2009
Sarracenia minor
MI01 var. okefenokeensis Original Cresco clone   (Jan Visee), Rogier van Loenen, 2004
MI03 var. okefenokeensis     Dennis Balsdon, January 2005
MI04 var. okefenokeensis Heavily fenestrated   Jonathan Newman, February 2005
MI05 var. okefenokeensis     Julian Acton, March 2005
MI06 var. okefenokeensis     (Mike King), (Iwein Coppens), Lowie Geers, August 2005
MI07   Tall form   (Bert Blezer), Rogier van Loenen MI03, March 2006
MI09   Large form Brunswick County, North Carolina Stefan Lenssen, February 2008
MI10     North Florida, WS (Phil Wilson), Mike King M2, April 2009
MI11 var. okefenokeensis Large stocky form Okefenokee swamp, W (Phil Wilson), Mike King M4, April 2009
MI12 var. okefenokeensis Very large form WS Christian Klein, February 2010
MI13 All green, anthocyanin free Backcross with var. okefenokeensis, clone 1   Stefan Lenssen M8, November 2011
MI14 var. okefenokeensis Okefenokee Giant, Clone reputed to reach 4ft Alastair Culham, Reading University (Mike King M18), (Rogier van Loenen MI12), Bas Saaltink, January 2011
MI15 var. okefenokeensis   Okefenokee swamp (Phil Wilson), Adrian Fawcett, February 2011
MI16 var. okefenokeensis Very tall plant, 80-90 cm   Aidan Selwyn ipM56, February 2014
Sarracenia oreophila
OR01   Tall, vigorous and stocky   (Carniflora) Rogier van Loenen OR01, April 2004
OR03       (Carniflora), Jens Schaffmeister, August 2005
OR04   Heavy veined clone 1 Sand Mountain, Alabama, W (Phil wilson OR18), Rogier van Loenen OR09, August 2005
OR05     Centre, Alabama, W (J Ainsworth O8), (Mike King O8), Rogier van Loenen OR07, August 2005
Sarracenia psittacina
PS01 Typical     Dutch garden centers, 2002, 2003, 2004
Sarracenia purpurea subsp. purpurea
PU04     Near Montreux, Switzerland 2006
PU05 var. heterophylla All green, anthocyanin free   Stefan Lenssen, March 2013
Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa
PV03 var. burkii     Gert Hoogenstrijd, August 2005
PV04   Mid Atlantic Sussex Co. Virginia, W (Phil Wilson), Rogier van Loenen PV12, March 2010
PV05 var. montana   North Carolina, W (Mike King PV19A), Stefan Lenssen PV18, November 2010
PV07 var. burkii f. luteola All green, anthocyanin free Elsanor, Baldwin County, Alabama. W. (Mike King PV11), Stefan Lenssen PV17, March 2013
Sarracenia rubra subsp. rubra
RU01       Steve Downing, January 2005
RU02     Green Swamp, Brunswick Co, North Carolina (Best Carnivorous Plants S1c), Keith Wilson, April 2006
Sarracenia rubra subsp. jonesii
RJ01       Wouter Noordeloos, 2003 (grown from seeds 2004)
RJ02       Steve Downing, January 2005
RJ03   Bulbous upper pitchers with red veining, 45-60cm high McClure’s Bog, North Carolina (PJ-plants RJ01), Keith Wilson SRJ1), April 2006
Sarracenia rubra subsp. gulfensis
RG03   Large deep red pitchers Yellow River, Santa Rosa Co, Florida (Best Carnivorous Plants S1f), Keith Wilson, April 2006
RG04   Stocky form #1, Dr. König   Stefan Lenssen, February 2008
Sarracenia rubra subsp. alabamensis
RA01       Rogier van Loenen RA01, May 2005
Sarracenia rubra subsp. wherryi
RW01       Rogier van Loenen RW01, May 2005
Sarracenia hybrids
Code Variety/ description Remarks Named Location Orgin
SH01 x areolata Very colourful clone, snowwhite flower   (Hans Luhrs), Rogier van Loenen SH07, March 2005
SH05 x moorei CV “Marston Select”     Mike King H8, April 2006
SH07a flava x (flava x purpurea)     Wouter Noordeloos 2003 (grown from seeds 2004)
SH07b flava x (flava x purpurea)     Wouter Noordeloos 2003 (grown from seeds 2004)
SH10 x mitchelliana, L x PP     Dutch garden center, 2002
SH11 x mitchelliana, L x PV Bulbous and very colourful clone   (Bert Blezer) Rogier van Loenen SH03, April 2004
SH12 x moorei “Brooks hybrid”, F rug x L Very tall   (Hans Luhrs), Rogier van Loenen SH05, March 2005
SH13 x popei, F x R     Bill Sherren, February 2005
SH18 x stevensii     Carniflora, 2003
SH19 x wrigleyana, L x PS     Marc Verdijck, May 2004
SH21 (leucophylla x minor) x leucophylla Striking large fall-pitchers   (Bert Blezer), Rogier van Loenen SH01, August 2005
SH22 alata red lid x flava     (Mike King H17), Rogier van Loenen SH29, August 2005
SH23 x moorei S. flava var. rugelii x leucophylla Florida, W Mike King H34, June 2006
SH40 x moorei Bernard Steward “Species 5”   (Bernard Steward Species 5), Ronny Heirbaut, November 2006
SH41 x moorei S. flava var. rugelii x leucophylla W (Mike King H31), Rogier van Loenen SH31, January 2007
SH42 x excellens leucophylla x minor var. okefenokeensis, tall plant   Cedric Azais SX18, January 2009
SH43 x moorei Pinkish top   Derek Clavell-Bate/Norman Parker, Mike King H87, March 2009
SH44 x moorei Large moorei, Sarracenia Nurseries   (Mike King H9), Tim Bailey H25, March 2009
SH45 x moorei Wilkerson moorei clone 2 Bay Co. FL (W) Brooks Garcia, Mike King H156, April 2009
SH46 x excellens Adrian Slack clone   (PJ-plants), Keith Wilson AS8, February 2010
SH47 "Leah Wilkerson" x moorei Walton Co. Florida, W; Garcia Brooks (Mike King H112), Rogier van Loenen SH49, March 2010
SH48 alata x flava var. flava `Maxima` Plant grows to 4 feet tall   (Stephen Morley), Mike King H136, April 2010
SH49 x moorei Wilkerson moorei clone 1, leucophylla like pitchers with a slight red band Bay Co. FL (W)  (Brooks Garcia), Mike King H155, April 2010
SH50 "Judith Hindle" [(P x F) x L] x[(P x F) x L]   (Phil Wilson H18), Rogier van Loenen SH12, December 2010
SH51 "Bordeaux Red Wine" leucophylla x rubra subsp. gulfensis Cedric Azais cultivar Cedric Azais SX73, February 2011
SH52 "Red Sumatra"     (Botanique Nurseries USA), Mike King H45, March 2012
SH53 "Adrian Slack" x moorei Milton, Florida, W. (Barry Rice), Mike King H113, March 2012
SH54 "Wilkerson Red" x moorei Bay Co. FL (W) (Brooks Garcia), Mike King H157, March 2015