About me

I started my hobby with a small pot with 3 different carnivorous plants in it: Nepenthes x ventrinermis, Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa and Sarracenia x farnhamii. I grew them on the windowsill in my parents house. They did it very well, and before I knew it the whole windowsil was filled with the "gardencentre" carnivorous plant species.

I wanted to expand my collection and create better growing conditions for my plants, so during the 2003-2004 winter I bought a second-hand greenhouse (2,00 x 2,65 m.) Since then I grow carnivorous plants in my unheated greenhouse, and I started to collect the real "collectors-items".

I am mainly specialized in the hardy species like Sarracenia, Dionaea, (some) Drosera, Drosophyllum, (some) Pinguicula and Darlingtonia, simply because I can't create optimal growing conditions for the most other species. Nevertheless I grow several not-hardy plants, under which Byblis, Cephalotus, Nepenthes and some Drosera species. You can find a complete overview of the plants I grow in my growlist.

At this moment my collection accommodates approximately 330 different species/subspecies/varieties/clones, with a total amount of 500-600 plants.